Sudan’s Al-Burhan in Libya to deepen bilateral ties

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Sudan’s army chief, general Al-Burhan, was hosted Monday (Feb.26) by the head of Libya’s presidential council. Mohamed al-Menfi leads an institution of the UN-backed government in western Libya.


The visit was officially about strengthening bilateral ties.

Libya’s Al Menfi commended the Jeddah deal which gave a short-lived ceasefire at the start of the war in Sudan.


“We emphasized and announced our support (to Sudan) by supporting the outcome of the Jeddah meeting, which brought together Sudanese rival parties last May, as it is a very important step towards ending the conflict and war and reaching stability in Sudan,” Mohamed al-Menfi said.


Calls for a truce during the upcoming Muslim month of Ramadan have been voiced. Over 12,000 people have lost their lives in 10 months of war and 8 million have been forced to flee their homes.


In 2018, Sudan, Libya, Chad, and Niger agreed to control and monitor joint borders.


The chair of Sudan’s ruling Sovereign Council hinted at deeper cooperation in different fields.

“We agreed on reinforcing our relations through different aspects whether economic, political, or military. Libya has always had honorable stances towards Sudan and the Sudanese people,” General Abdel-Fattah Burhan said during a briefing after his meeting.


“We can use the previous and future mechanisms to sustain this relationship. I don’t say we have similar circumstances, but we have to cooperate in order to lift the suffering our peoples are going through, to regain stability and make our peoples be able to live a good life without any negative interventions from any parties.”


It was reported after the onset of the conflict, that the paramilitary of General Hamdane Daglo received weapons through eastern Libya where a rival administration operates.


Since the war broke out the warring generals have not met.

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