Is it the boyfriend’s duty to provide for his girlfriend financially?

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Why do we engage in a relationship? In my view, we do so to know if the person we are attracted to will be a suitable partner in the future. But nowadays, ladies in this generation see relationships as marriage, draining the men financially.

I met a lady and proposed to her. At the beginning of the relationship, she was humble and never requested money from me or asked that I buy her something.

I thought I had met my missing rib until two months into the relationship, she changed. I couldn’t tell if she hid her true character from me or if she was influenced by friends.

She asked me to buy her a bag she saw online and it was worth GHC500.00. It followed another request which is GHC2000.00 to add up to her money to buy a new phone.

The demands were becoming too much. It was always about money and anytime I complained or did not give her what wanted, she left the house and returned when she felt okay.

I went to a meeting and a man brought up the issue of ladies demanding money from their boyfriends, and you should see how the men engaged in the conversation. This concludes that it’s becoming a worrying issue among men.

I sacked her and ended the relationship when she asked I give her money for upkeep every day. I told her this was not marriage and that she should go and look up the meaning of relationship and marriage in the dictionary.

The ladies of this generation, are they our future wives? If yes, then we (men) have to pray to God for a new set of ladies. They are expensive!

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