Base Estates Group supports AMA electoral areas with sanitation tools

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Base Estates Group, a construction firm known for its philanthropic activities, has donated sanitation tools to the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) to improve the sanitation situation in the sub-metropolitan districts.

Four wheelbarrows, four shovels, four wellington boots, two rakes and dozens of gloves were handed over to each Assembly Member in the 20 electoral areas under the jurisdiction of the AMA making a total of 480 sanitation tools.

The Project Manager for Base Estates, Mr Korankye Ankrah, at a brief presentation ceremony in Accra, explained that the decision to support the electoral areas was due to the long-standing relationship the company had with the assembly members.

In addition, he mentioned that his outfit owned several firms in the electoral areas which served as a motivating factor to distribute the solid waste collection tools to promote cleanliness and boost good health.

He said the donations were made to assist and strengthen the AMA to embark on its routine sanitation works, adding that transforming Accra into the cleanest city in Africa demanded a collaborative and collective effort from all residents.

According to him, climate change had become an alarming factor impeding development globally, hence he urged the beneficiaries to make good use of the presentations thereby improving sanitation in the metropolis and mitigating the spread of diseases.

“This is not the first donation we have made to them, so they should utilise the tools well so that their communities will be clean…. because of climate change, the rains are unpredictable so they should clean the choked gutters and all to reduce the spread of diseases,” he encouraged.

The Assembly Member for Amamomo Electoral Area, Hon Musah Ziyad, on the sidelines after the presentations, expressed contentment towards the leadership of Base Estates for its philanthropic gesture, stating that the donation was not the first of its kind, however, it was part of a series of engagements made to support the many significant strides of the AMA and the assembly members to improve sanitation in their community’s electoral areas.

He pledged to practice a good maintenance culture and desist from any practice that would automatically lead to the destruction of the sanitation tools.

“For the last two or three years, he gave us sanitation tools. I still have mine there. I also see assembly members with their tools in the communities…. I am not sure we will maintain it badly,” he disclosed.

He hoped for more future collaborations with Base Estate Group and prayed for abundant blessings on its leadership to inure a more transformed Accra.


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