You‘re a nice man, we’ll pray for you – Makola market women to Alan Kyerematen

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The Greater Accra Region on Friday, February 23, 2024, witnessed a scene of enthusiastic support when scores of market women rallied behind Mr Alan Kyerematen, the founder and leader of the Movement for Change, during his tour of various markets in the region.

The visit aimed to connect with the electorate in anticipation of the 2024 general elections.

At the Mkaola 31 December Women’s Market and Okaishie, women danced joyfully to the music blaring from Kyerematen’s entourage, chanting expressions of support such as ‘God bless you,’ ‘You are a nice man,’ ‘No Alan, no vote,’ ‘Alan is unmatched,’ and ‘Ye papa,’ among others.

The grassroots campaign in Greater Accra markets is the initial phase of the outreach, focusing on gaining the support of the electorate for the envisioned Great Transformation Programme.

Addressing the vibrant market of women, Mr Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen, the 2024 independent presidential aspirant, emphasized the integral role of women in the Great Transformation Programme.

He acknowledged that the success of production depended on robust buying and selling activities, making the engagement with the women crucial.

The outreach took Mr. Kyerematen to Makola, Okaishie, Abossey Okai, and Kokompe

At Kokompe and Abossey Okai, where Mr Kyerematen highlighted the importance of reducing taxes on spare parts during a meeting with the leadership of the Kokompe Spare Parts Dealers Association at Kokompe, Ghana’s hub for spare parts dealership.

Mr Kyerematen promised to alleviate the tax burden on spare parts importation, anticipating that this move would reduce transport costs and overall expenses.

Mr Kyerematen pointed out that high import duties on spare parts contribute to increased transport fares and the elevated cost of food in the country.

He urged voters to consider changing their voting pattern this year, emphasizing that under his administration, import duties on spare parts would be eliminated within two years.

He concluded that the overwhelming support demonstrated during the market tour suggests a positive reception to his proposed policies, especially those geared towards economic transformation and reducing the financial burden on essential goods.

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