NPP supporters urged to retain Weija- Gbawe seat for progress

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New Patriotic Party (NPP) supporters of Weija-Gbawe Constituency in the Greater Accra Region have been urged to retain the constituency seat by voting for Lawyer Jerry Ahmed Shaib as the next Member of Parliament (MP).

Advocates for Shaib emphasised his proven track record and commitment to development as key factors that make him the ideal candidate for the position.

Lawyer Jerry Ahmed Shaib’s candidacy is framed as a means to ensure continued progress in the Constituency.

Supporters believe that, given his track record, Mr Shaib is well-positioned to build on previous successes and lead Weija-Gbawe towards a brighter future.

The supporters at a Thanks-Giving ceremony held in the Constituency to show gratitude to the delegates for successful primary called for community support emphasising the collaborative efforts needed to maintain the Constituency’s trajectory of progress.

According to the supporters, this message underscores the importance of voting strategically to secure the Constituency’s development objectives.

Source: Mensah

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