No brand should work with a liar like Afua Asantewaa – Arnold Asamoah launches campaign

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Revered Ghanaian Entertainment analyst, writer and pundit, Arnold Baidoo Asamoah who mainly plays his trade with the Despite Media has launched a one man campaign as he criticizes Afua Asantewaa for dishonesty.

Speaking on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review program with Kwesi Aboagye, Arnold Asamoah insisted that Afua Asantewaa got the result of her attempt earlier as reported by but decided to hide it from the masses as she was still getting deals.

According to him, most of the cooperate institutions chose to work with the sing-a-thon attemptee because they saw her as a potential winner and being disqualified could have led Afua to lose some deals so she decided to hide it.

Arnold believes Afua’s decision to hide the result will dent her reputation and paint her as a dishonest personality and no business would like to associate themselves with a dishonest person.

“It would have been best to just come out and speak the truth because no brand would want to work with a dishonest person. Thus, it is untrue to say that she got the news while getting ready to host a show,” he said.

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