Engineers urged to embrace peer review of their works

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The President of Ghana Institution of Engineering (GhIE), Ing. Kwabena Bempong has urged Engineers in the country to embrace peer review of their works.

He admonished that engineers must associate with other senior engineers in their area of specialization who are ahead of them or peer review their engineering designs and works.

This he explained is because peer review is very important and helps to improve the quality and safety of engineering designs and products. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of failure thereby increasing the safety of their work.

Ing. Bempong made these remarks in his welcome address at the 41st Induction ceremony held on Thursday, February 22, 2024, at the Engineers Centre, Roman Ridge, Accra.

He added that in the engineering career, you can do all things, however, remember that there are limits to your practice, saying, “If you are a Civil Engineer, stay in your lane, if you are an Electrical Engineer, do the same, you can’t be stamping drawings anyhow, or behave unethically in the engineering profession”.

“We all have our expertise and we work within our defined spaces so avoid over-extending yourselves into areas you do not have the necessary training or experience”, he further advised.

The Chairman of the Membership Committee of GhIE, Ing. Dr. Patrick Amoah Bekoe presented 277 Inductees, which comprised 258 candidates from the various Professional Engineering Occupational Groups, three candidates from the Professional Engineering Technologists group, and 16 candidates who participated in the confirmation hearing.

He said, the constitution of GhIE in line with the Engineering Council law 2011, ACT 819, makes provision for four main occupational groups, namely, Professional Engineers; Professional Engineering Technologists; Engineering Technicians, and Engineering Craftsmen.

He added that the institution is organized under four main Technical Divisions, which are: the Civil Technical Division; Mechanical/Agric Technical Division; Chemical/Mining Technical Division, and Electrical/Electronic Technical Division. Modern engineering disciplines such as the likes of computer engineering, aerospace, biomedical, petroleum engineering, oil & gas, etc, are all grouped under one of these technical divisions.

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