Don’t misquote me to justify your corruption, mismanagement – Martin Amidu warns NDC, NPP

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Ghana’s first Special Prosecutor and former Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Mr. Martin Amidu has cautioned the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) against quoting his pronouncements out of context to justify their corruption or mismanagement so as to deceive the voting public for electoral gain only to abandon them after when it suits them.

He added that the parties should not seek to counter him if he assesses them and gives his verdict on which of them is more corrupt given that he is now deemed as their authority on corruption.

 “The New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) should be careful about quoting what I said or wrote in the past out of context to spuriously support allegations of corruption or mismanagement against each other for the purely propaganda purpose of deceiving the electorate for their votes and abandoning them thereafter.

I hope that when eventually I determine by a considered examination and analysis of the facts and evidence the most corrupt of the two political parties they will each accept my verdict without question since I have become their authority on this issue,” Mr Amidu argued in an article chastising the NPP’s Nana Akomea for allegedly quoting him out of context.

In the long article, Mr Amidu went on to justify why he had, in 2015, advised John Mahama to not bring disrepute to northerners. He explained that, as a northerner himself, advising John Mahama in that light was culturally permissible.

Conversely, he noted that Fifi Kwetey’s description of Mahamudu Bawumia as a ‘disgrace to Northerners’ is not permissible since he is an Ewe and not a Northerner.

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