Why declare a known person wanted? – NDC questions police over notice for ‘warmongering’ organizer

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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) leadership in the Ashanti Region has accused the Ghana Police Service of being biased in handling political issues in the country

The accusation arises from the police’s declaration of Mustapha Alhassan, the Manhyia South Constituency Organizer for the NDC, as a wanted individual following his alleged threats of electoral violence in a viral video.

The NDC has expressed dissatisfaction with the police’s approach to the situation, claiming that the law enforcement agency has been partial and selective in its actions.

Dr. Frank Amoakohene, the Ashanti Regional Secretary of the NDC, questioned the decision to declare Alhassan wanted without first approaching the party’s leadership.

Amoakohene speaking in an interview with Citi News on February 19, 2024, argued that the organizer is a well-known public figure and an executive member of the NDC.

Therefore, the police could have sought cooperation from the party to produce him for investigation.

“We saw a notice from the police that one of our officers is declared wanted. In the first place, why would you declare an officer, an identifiable person, wanted? It just tells you that they are out there to play mischief. Because you know that he is an organizer of the party, so, the right thing must be done. You have to go to the regional leadership for us to produce him.

“Because we are not fighting in the region and we are in a good working relationship. So don’t jump to social media and declare officers wanted when you have not made any frantic efforts in getting the party to produce the person,” citinewsroom.com quoted him to have said.

He highlighted instances where members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) allegedly made similar public comments promoting violence without facing similar police action.

The Ghana Police Service issued a wanted notice for Mustapha after a video of him surfaced on social media, in which he was captured issuing threats of violence in the 2024 elections if any attempt is made to rig the vote.

The suspect was captured warning the Electoral Commission (EC), the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), and individuals involved in the electoral process.

In the video, shared by GHOne TV on Twitter, he is heard stating, “I am telling the EC officer, the woman and NPP that if they are planning to steal the elections… we will show you how to win an election,” he said.

“I am telling them that we have informed John Mahama that whether you like it or not, wherever you go, we are fully organized and will show you how to win an election.

“We have won an election from the NPP before, and we will show you. There would be war between us, and if you dare, we will kill you,” the NDC organizer added.

He continued, “We are aware… if you plan on stealing the elections, we will show you. If you plan on not handing over power in case we win, we are aware and will show you,” he added.

Meanwhile, the NDC has insisted that they will present Alhaji Mustapha Alhassan on Tuesday, February 20, 2024.

The accused is said to have declined to give details, insisting the party has barred him from speaking to the media.

He, however, disclosed to reporter Ivan Heathcote–Fumador that he was provoked by a member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) who contended the NPP would not be ‘fools’ to hand over power to an NDC administration.

“This guy I hear is from Asenso Boakye’s camp. He is a teacher.

“He provoked me by saying, ‘if President J.A. Kufuor was a fool to have handed over power to the NDC, President Akufo–Addo will not be a fool to hand over power to John Mahama’,” he recounted.

Alhaji Mustapha Alhasan is also reported to have said that he was unaware he was being captured on video at the time he was enraged and engaged in a banter with the supposed NPP man.

He told Starr FM he felt betrayed that the video was edited to only display his side of the banter while every other provocation of his opposite man was craftily cropped out to hang him.



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