Trending video of church members kneeling to welcome their pastor causes massive stir

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In a display of deep reverence, members of a Nigerian church welcomed their General Overseer, Apostle Amos Isah, distinctively and humbly.

The incident happened when Apostle Amos Isah arrived in his car, and a dedicated member immediately opened his car door while kneeling.

This uncommon gesture set the tone for an extraordinary reception, as other congregants also knelt in adoration as the religious leader walked past them.

The video capturing the unique welcome has garnered mixed reactions, with some expressing admiration for the level of respect and reverence displayed by the church members, while others question the appropriateness of such practices within religious settings.

In the footage, Apostle Amos Isah is seen touching each member on the head as he walks by, further emphasizing the spiritual connection and acknowledgment of his role in the church.

Watch the video below to know more…

Netizens Reactions…


 – Women kneeling for a man of God while wagging tongue for her husband at home. What’s the correlation?


i_am_onyi_empire – Touching their foreheads carelessly, God abeg oh?
May our glory and star not be tampered with.


ukeade1 – Religion remains a big problem in Africa


_femininewellness – I don’t see anything wrong with this. If I see my pastor, I would do the same cos I know the amount of grace he has


prettypresh10 – Hope you Dey respect your husband pass?

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