My girlfriend directed her Pragyia lover to pour acid on me

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A man identified as Augustine Kofi Poku has visited the studios of GhPage TV to share a chilling story of how his girlfriend conspired with her lover to pour acid on him.

According to the man, he started dating his girlfriend way back in 2016 while in Senior High School. But along the line, she dropped out of school due to issues between her parents and this led her father to stop taking care of her.

In 2019, he got the chance to travel to Dubai to work and thought it wise to enroll her back in school since she wasn’t able to continue her SHS.

He discussed it with his girlfriend who also agreed to continue with the school and he paid for everything she needed to be able to complete her SHS.

Kofi Poku claimed that despite being in a relationship with her while she was schooling, she was engaged in extra affairs and that led to their break up for about 5 to 6 months. She later came to apologize because things were becoming difficult for her and her mother.

Still having feelings for her, she forgave and accepted her back into his life.

Fast forward, he was supposed to leave the country back to Dubai and searched for his passport but couldn’t see it he contacted all the people he thought could pick it but none of them said they had taken it.

He finally contacted his girlfriend who said she took it because they had an issue and thought he wasn’t going to forgive her so she was keeping it to prevent him from leaving the country.

After all was set he was standing in front of his house waiting for an Uber to pick him up to the airport and that was when someone just poured acid on his face and bolted.

Watch the full interview below:

He stated that at the police station, the owner of the Pragyia was detained and he revealed that he conspired with his girlfriend to do that to him.

His girlfriend also was brought to the police station and she also confessed that she indeed hatched the plan with the Pragyia owner who also happens to be her lover after they planned for 2 weeks.

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