I laugh when people blame the government – Shatta Wale

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Dancehall musician Charles Nii Armah Mensah popularly known as Shatta Wale has disclosed that he always laughs when he hears people blaming the government.

Speaking during an interview on 3 Music, the Gringo hitmaker stated that the politicians are doing everything within their power as politicians but the citizens are not taking advantage of it.

According to him, the citizens are lazy and are not ready to take advantage of the opportunities they have but rather sit idle and blame the government for not doing for them.

“Sometimes, when we blame the politicians, I laugh. Politicians are doing everything they can to work as politicians. It’s just that when you’re lazy in your mind and you don’t know how to take advantage of opportunities yourself, you will always be talking about politicians”, he said.

He continued; “Politicians are like cartels with how they run things. It’s not that they’re disrespecting the people; they promise, and you vote for them.

But when they go to the white man and take money from them, the white man thinks that they will use it to provide jobs for the youth.

They don’t know that the politician will take that money and give it to cheap labor, those from the rural areas.”

Shatta Wale claimed that the politicians have done their survey and realized that the citizens who completed tertiary institutions won’t apply for construction jobs but rather want to look good and show off flashy things.

“They know that those who went to tertiary institutions will not apply. Our politicians have realised that the youth want flashy things and to wear suits. They don’t want to go into construction. But there’s a lot of money in construction,” he concluded.



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