Homeless Ghanaian living in New York begs for money for food

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A heartbreaking encounter unfolded on the streets of New York when a homeless Ghanaian man, Yaw Kennah, approached a fellow Ghanaian brother, begging for money to buy food.

The homeless man, who has been living on the streets without a job for years, shared his harrowing story with his compatriot.

According to him, he arrived in the United States about 16 years ago to attend a conference. However, he never returned home and instead sought employment at a car wash company in Virginia.

He hoped that previous governments would pass an immigration bill that would allow him to obtain the necessary documents to stay legally in the country.

Unfortunately, his plans did not materialize, and he found himself without a home, sleeping at shelters, train stations and on trains at times.

Despite his efforts to make a living, the man’s dreams were shattered, leaving him destitute and in desperate need of assistance.

“Please I am struggling. Can I get some money to buy food,” Yaw told his fellow brother.

Yaw’s mum hails from Sehwi Bekwai in Western Region and his father, Koforidua, Korantumi in the Eastern Region.



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