Ghanaian, Nigerian team up to defraud UAE citizen of $60k in a fake gold scam

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A cunning scam that spanned international borders, has observed a United Arab Emirates citizen, Farhad Omedi, fall victim to a fraudulent gold deal orchestrated by a Ghanaian and two Nigerians.

Omedi was lured to Accra, Ghana, where he was promised a lucrative gold transaction.

The Ghanaian accomplice, Baffour Abraham, and the two Nigerians, 39-year-old Sunday Olatunji and 51-year-old Israel Olawale Omoley, convinced Omedi to start with a substantial sum of $60,000 under the pretense of selling him genuine gold.

However, it turned out to be a well-coordinated scam.

Fortunately, the authorities were quick to act. The Dawhenya and Lakeside police apprehended Olatunji and Omoley, but Abraham managed to evade capture and is currently on the run.


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