ECG disconnects Accra Academy from power grid over debt

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The Accra Academy Senior High School (SHS) is currently without power due to disconnection by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) over alleged unpaid arrears.

Citi News‘ Fauzu Masawudu reported that as of 8:40 pm when he arrived, the entire campus was in darkness, with students using torchlights in their classrooms for studying.

An anonymous teacher expressed deep concern over the situation, stating that it was an unprecedented event in his teaching career.

He revealed that he was informed by a colleague about the arrival of ECG officials at the school to disconnect the power due to outstanding debts.

He further stated that the power supply to the teachers, who were also on campus and used prepaid meters, was cut off.

The teacher noted that the ECG officials, who claimed to be from the head office, were adamant in their directive to disconnect the power, despite pleas and attempts at negotiation.

The teacher has urged the Electricity Company to restore the school’s power supply, citing concerns for the student’s safety and the potential impact on teaching and learning.

“Today is the saddest day in my life as a teacher who has worked for over 31 years. I have never seen this anywhere… I got a call from one of my colleagues that the ECG guys are on campus and their main mission is to disconnect the school because of some kind of indebtedness, to be frank, we are not the ones who are supposed to pay this amount to them, and what pains me is that the teachers who are staying on campus, they are on prepaid and they have all been disconnected and currently we have about 3000 students who are in school and look at the situation we find ourselves. So if something happens to any of the students who is going to be blamed for what has happened.”

“…And then we called those who came in, and they said powers from above say they should disconnect us because of that amount that we owe. We don’t even know how much we owe because we are not the ones who are supposed to pay…we have done everything possible for them not to do what we are currently going through, but they never listened to us. Simply because they said they were sent from their headquarters to come and do this exercise…So I am appealing to the ECG leaders that at least they have students in schools and if that is the way they were treated when they were in school I am not sure they would have gotten to this level. So I am appealing to them that they should come back and do the needful,” he stated.

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