Your vision statement to arrest cedi depreciation meaningless, empty – investment expert jabs Bawumia.

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A 45-year-old business management consultant, investment banker, and estate developer, William Kpormatsi, has criticized the vision statement put forth by Bawumia, the NPP’s Flagbearer to tackle the depreciation of the cedi, calling it meaningless and empty.
The former parliamentary primaries aspirant of the Akatsi South branch of the opposition National Democratic Congress, in a statement shared on his social media handles, argued that Bawumia’s vision statement lacks concrete solutions and fails to address the root causes of the cedi depreciation under President Nana Addo and the Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia-led NPP government.
He emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach that considers factors such as inflation, interest rates, and government policies.
Mr. Kpormatsi, a member of the Volta Regional Finance Committee of the NDC also suggested that the government should prioritize local production and reduce reliance on imports to stabilize the cedi.
Despite his criticism, Mr. Kpormatsi acknowledged the 24-hour economic policies of the National Democratic Congress urging all stakeholders to embrace the initiative as it remains the torchbearer for Ghana’s current predicaments.
William Kpormatsi is asking if we should trust the BOG governor or the former deputy Governor on the Gold for Oil program or if his entire vision statement is empty and full of theories.
While the Bank of Ghana (BoG) governor has announced to phasing out of the Gold for Oil policy implemented and that it had achieved its purpose and is no longer necessary, his boss, the former deputy governor, the NPP’s Flagbearer says otherwise in his vision statement, page 142 to 146 that his policy to support the cedi is to have more gold reserve for the gold for oil program and that it is the surest way to support the cedi and that “*if we had started implementing these policies say 20 years ago, Ghana would be in a very different situation today*”
Mr. Kpormatsi notes that Dr. Bawumia’s statement lacks substance and fails to provide any practical solutions to address the economic challenges the NPP government has created.

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