Komla Dumor BBC Award 2024 launched

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The deadline for applications for the Komla Dumor Award is set for March 15, 2024.

The award was established to honour the late Komla Dumor, an exceptional Ghanaian broadcaster and presenter for BBC World News who passed away in 2014.

Kwansema Dumor, the wife of the late BBC presenter, expressed pride in her husband’s impact and showed gratitude to BBC for remembering him through the prize.

BBC aims to promote and celebrate outstanding journalistic talent in Africa.

The successful candidate, in addition to receiving training, will have the opportunity to travel to a country in Africa to report on a researched story, and the story will be broadcast to BBC’s global audiences.

Komla Dumor, known for championing robust, dynamic journalism and for his commitment to reporting African stories comprehensively and authentically, made a significant impact on Africa and the world.

BBC has indicated dedication to continuing Komla Dumor’s legacy by empowering journalists from Africa to tell African stories for international audiences.

Paa Kwesi Asare, a Ghanaian news anchor, won the 2023 Komla Dumor BBC Award.

He traveled to Kenya to report on the initiative to transition the country’s “boda boda” motorbike taxis to use electricity instead of petrol or diesel.

Liliane Landor, a senior controller of BBC News International Services, emphasized BBC’s commitment to celebrating Africa’s journalistic excellence through the award established in Komla Dumor’s name.

Komla Dumor, the presenter of Focus on Africa, BBC’s first-ever dedicated daily TV news program in English for African audiences, was also one of the lead presenters for BBC World News’ European morning segment.

He joined BBC in 2007 after a decade of broadcast journalism in his country.




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