Kill wife, break in-law’s leg, strike stepson with amnesia: 3 wishes of man ready to sacrifice family for riches

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A Ghanaian man with malevolent intentions has been caught while visiting a shrine in Amasaman.

Reports suggest that his visit to the shrine was aimed at causing harm to his current wife, identified as Felicia, and her family. According to sources, he gained access to the fetish priest, Nana Akorley, upon a recommendation from a male friend.

He had three wishes in mind: orchestrate the demise of his wife, inflict leg injury upon his brother-in-law, and orchestrate amnesia for his stepson, who resides and works in Canada. His ultimate aim was to erase the stepson’s memory of the properties he and his mother had acquired.

Man caught in the act

In a video shared by Kofi TV, it’s alleged that the fetish priest contacted the man’s friend, revealing the man’s intentions to use his family members for rituals. Nana Akorley clarified that his practices didn’t involve harming innocent individuals but rather protecting them.

Upon receiving this alarming information, the friend promptly notified Felicia about her husband’s sinister plans.

The man was reportedly found holding a knife in front of a pot containing liquid, with pictures of himself and his wife nearby. Reports suggest that Felicia owns a pure water company established by her son.

The incident has sparked significant reactions across social media platforms, with many expressing shock at the extent of malice driven by wealth and greed.

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