I rejected a GHS30k job offer in Ghana to study in US – Openly gay Ghanaian fashion designer, Xorlali Plange reveals

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The top graduate of the School of Performing Arts department at the University of Ghana (UG) in 2022, Xorlali Plange Fiamafle, has revealed that he declined a 30,000 Ghana cedis monthly salary job offer in Ghana to pursue his master’s degree at Tisch School of the Arts in the United States.

According to the first-class honors student, initially, his mother was incredulous at the thought of turning down a job offer with such a lucrative salary.

However, he found himself at a crossroads, having to choose between a promising job in Ghana and the opportunity to pursue higher education at Tisch.

Taking to the X platform he indicated that the tempting job offer was from one of the high commissions/embassies, through a connection made at the vice chancellor’s award ceremony at UG

“Before getting admission into schools abroad I had a job offer in Ghana. It was in one of the high commissions/embassies. It was paying 30,000+ cedis a month. (The rate was in dollars). It was an offer from a man I met at the vice chancellor’s award ceremony at UG. I got admission into Tisch 2wks after so I declined the offer. My mother wouldn’t hear it at the time, “meba yi wagyimi o, 3 hundred million????,” he stated.

However, he stated that just two weeks later, he faced a significant turning point in her life when he received admission to Tisch.

He added that his decision was influenced not just by the allure of America but also by the renowned Tisch program and a scholarship offer from Susan Hilferty.

Xorlali expressed surprise at his employment prospects in Ghana, especially after becoming the center of attention during his graduation over his unconventional look, leading to multiple job offers.

Despite the sense of accomplishment, he decided to manage the influx of offers by crafting a generic offer declined letter.

“I never thought I’d be employed in Ghana. I didn’t even imagine myself making it into interviews, talk less getting a job. I had multiple job offers upon went viral during my graduation. I didn’t desire any, but it felt good. So I drafted a generic “offer declined letter.” Which I’d copy and paste and send to all of these people who talked to me about hiring. The 30+k job offer was a challenge. however, I decided to choose a school. It wasn’t about America, it was about Tisch and Susan Hilferty’s offer of scholarship. Do you have any idea what that meant? Lmaoooo. So I left everything and traveled. If getting a first class in Legon and going viral for wearing heels can get me all these offers, let’s see what Tisch can do,” he added.

In 2022, Xorlali Plange Fiamafle garnered attention after he showered praises on his mother for her unwavering commitment and sacrifices that contributed to his educational success.

Expressing profound gratitude, he disclosed that his mother went above and beyond, sacrificing her entire salary, depleting her savings, and even taking out loans to ensure he could live a life at the pinnacle of the social class.

He demonstrated his appreciation by commissioning a specially designed sash for his mother on the day of his graduation.

Beyond his academic achievements, this young man is recognized for breaking societal norms, often seen wearing heels and women’s clothing, which are not well accepted by some sections of the public.

In a testament to his unique style, he invested in a $755 pair of shoes for an award ceremony where he was recognized as the best student in Theatre at the university.


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