God does not reward faithfulness with good health or financial prosperity – Pastor Chris

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The Founder and Leader of Loveworld Incorporated, Christian Oyakhilome, popularly known as Pastor Chris, has warned Christians sternly against thinking that being faithful to God would ensure and facilitate good health and financial prosperity.

According to him, God will not reward Christians with good health and financial independence for staying committed to him.

Speaking to his congregants in a video that has gone viral on social media, the mega-church pastor explained that financial prosperity and good health are the outcomes of one’s earthly choices of living and principles, as such these two things are not rewards from God.

Pastor Chris explained, “No matter how faithful you are to God, and good you are to God and all the wonderful things you do for God, he will not reward you with good health and he will not reward you with financial prosperity, because those two are not a reward.”

Pastor Chris added that the standard of life and the living conditions of Christians depend solely on their application of God’s words in their lives to achieve specific results.

“Your standard of life depends on you. It is the product of your knowledge of God’s words and how you put it to work in your daily lives,” he explained.

Pastor Chris maintained that a Christian’s reward for serving God in faithfulness and staying committed would be given to them in heaven but not on earth.

He said, “Your reward for serving God will be given to you in heaven but your life on earth would depend on your life choices and the application of his words.”

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