ECG to chase power thieves

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Director of Communication of the Electricity Company of Ghana, William Boateng, has announced that the power distribution company is poised to go after persons consuming power fraudulently.

He stressed that all other issues resulting in energy theft and posing commercial losses to the company would be addressed in its revenue mobilisation exercise.

In an interview with Daily Graphic, Mr Boateng stated that the introduction of the ECG digital dashboard has helped them to identify households paying for the power they consume.

“This latest exercise, which will be undertaken all year long, would help us identify those who are using other means to use power fraudulently, those who are under-paying for the power consumed and all other issues resulting in energy theft and commercial losses to the company,” the Director of Communication of the Electricity Company of Ghana said.

Mr. Boateng added “The digital dashboard has given us a better picture of the number of households using power served by the ECG and how many people are paying for the power they consume…With this latest exercise, our technical men will do a thorough assessment of all our meter installations and authenticate the power it consumes.”

He noted that the exercise was backed by the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission’s LI 2413(2020).

This L. I empower ECG to access all its installations at any point in time.

He, therefore, cautioned the public to desist from attacking the ECG task force when they visit their homes and various workplaces to inspect their meters.

“However, if customers have any doubts about the authenticity of the ID, they can call the customer care lines at the call center on 030-2611-611 dedicated to this service for prompt verification and clearance,” Mr. Boateng stated.



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