Bawumia launches ‘Tap and Go’ system

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Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has launched a digital initiative for the transport sector

The Tap and Go system will enable passengers to purchase bus tickets, and book their trips ahead of time in the comfort of their homes.

Speaking at the launch on February 19, Dr Bawumia explained that this was part of efforts to transition all sectors of the economy into a digital age and enhance accountability in the transportation sector.

“We are moving into a new digitalised public transport system where our journeys begin with a simple tap. Where every seats on the bus is just a click away. Where the hustle of cash transaction fades into oblivion. Where there is a transparency between car owners, drivers and mates,” he said.

He explained that before one has access to the Tap and Go card, they must register with their Ghana card.

This way, the system identifies all individuals traveling on the bus.

“When you register for your Tap and Go card, we will ask for your Ghana Card. So we will know who is on a bus. When you tap, we will know Kwesi Agyeman has entered this bus.

“We will have a feature where before you board the bus, you don’t have to come and stand in a queue. You sit in your room whilst you are watching TV, you buy your bus ticket, book it and come and travel when you want to travel,” he added.

Named Tap and Go, it is a digital card preloaded with cash, which can be used to pay for transport fares by tapping the card on a fixed machine on the bus, just as the Oyster Card in the United Kingdom.

Ghana’s Tap and Go card will also have added features of both physical and virtual versions, to ensure ease of use.

With the virtual card, users can download the Tap and Go app on their mobile phones, and opt for a virtual card option, which will enable them make payments through their mobile phones, if they don’t wish to use the card.

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