Economic hardship cause of rising deaths among the youth – NDC Regional Youth Organizer

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Richard Etornam Nyarko, the Eastern Regional Youth Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), has attributed the increasing number of untimely deaths among the youth to the country’s economic decline.

Nyarko pointed out that economic mismanagement has led to high unemployment rates, soaring prices of healthcare services and medicines, and difficulties affording balanced diets, with some youth resorting to eating only once a day in what has become known as “zero-one-zero”.

He emphasized that the economic strain on the youth has become unbearable, resulting in many succumbing to the pressure.

Nyarko expressed his concerns, stating, “In recent times, social media is flooded daily with news of deaths of young people. Young people are dying because of economic pressure. Many are unemployed. Some can’t even afford one square meal a day now they do Zero–one–zero. The youth can’t pay rent. Prices of medicines have hit the roof due to inflation. Akufo Addo and Bawumia have collapsed the economy resulting in all these preventable deaths among the youth.”

These remarks were made during an interview with Starr News after Nyarko addressed NDC supporters after a Unity Walk in the Upper West Anymore constituency.

Richard Nyarko, also known as Commander Bilibo, assured the youth that John Dramani Mahama’s proposed 24-hour economy policy would create more job opportunities and foster economic prosperity.

He criticized the government for neglecting the $48-million Jute Factory at Adeiso, which is situated on a 12-acre land in the Upper West Akyem District and is the largest jute factory in Africa with a monthly capacity of 600,000 sacks. The factory has the potential to employ over 3000 workers.

Nyarko pledged that President John Mahama would ensure the completion and commissioning of the factory to save the millions of dollars spent yearly on importing sacks.

He urged voters to support the NDC parliamentary candidate, Emmanuel Drah, to help the party regain the seat from the NPP.

Shirley Naana Ampem, the Eastern Regional Women’s Organizer, called on women in the country to take a keen interest in the upcoming elections to address issues such as corruption, hardship, and skyrocketing food prices that have disproportionately affected them.


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