Atlantic Lithium pledges responsible and sustainable mining practices at Ewoyaa

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Atlantic Lithium Limited has committed itself to responsible and sustainable mining practices ahead of Ghana’s first lithium production at Ewoyaa in the Central Region.

The Australia-based company secured a 15-year mining lease from the Ghanaian government in October last year, fulfilling all requirements.

Subsequently, Atlantic Lithium has expanded its drilling program at the Ewoyaa lithium project site by 8,000 meters (43%), aiming to enhance the resource.

The ongoing drilling program will reach 26,500 meters upon completion in the second quarter of 2024, according to Atlantic Lithium.

During a public hearing on the Lithium Mining Scoping Report at Ewoyaa by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Aaron Maurer, Head of Operations at Atlantic Lithium encouraged residents to prepare for the economic benefits of the project.

“As you may be aware, the Ewoyaa Lithium Project would use open-pit methods involving drill, blast, load, and haul operations to mine spodumene pegmatite deposits.”

“It is encouraging to note that the project has progressed from the exploration phase to the permitting and land access phase, and hopefully into the development phase, although some exploration activities are ongoing,” he said.

“I must emphasize that one of the fundamental principles of the company is conducting sustainable and responsible mining. As a result, we are committed to using environmentally friendly technologies and approaches to ensure the maximum protection of the ecosystem,” Mr Maurer said.

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