With Senegal set to go back on election track, what’s to become of Ousmane Sonko?

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An announcement that hit the regime like a ton of bricks. After Parliament voted to back the postponement of the presidential election on February 5th, Senegal’s constitutional council ruled against the move on Thursday (Feb. 15).

The National Assembly voted to reschedule the vote for Dec. 15 and extended Macky Sall’s rule set to end on April 2nd.

The ruling said the bill adopted by the national assembly was “contrary to the constitution”. The decision delighted opposition candidates who filed a case to the council.

However, the opposition didn’t obtain that the presidential poll be held as initially scheduled.

The 6-member panel of the constitutional council reckoned it was impossible to organize the election on February 25th.

The judges nevertheless ordered the competent authorities to reschedule the poll as soon as possible. This was met with mixed reactions.

It is important to highlight that the ruling of the Constitutional Council came hours after the liberation of some detainees commonly viewed as political prisoners.

Among them are members of citizen movements as well as supporters of now dissolved Pastef party which was headed by Ousmane Sonko.

The president is reportedly negotiating with Sonko an early release to ease the prevailing tension in Senegal.

Macky Sall on Friday (Feb. 16) pledged to organise presidential elections “as soon as possible” after the Constitutional Council overruled his decision to delay the Feb.25 vote.

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