Over 20,000 ‘fraudulent voters’ in Effutu – NDC parliamentary candidate alleges

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The Parliamentary candidate for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for Effutu, Dr James Kofi Annan, has described the constituency’s voter register as fraudulent, alleging that there are over 20,000 names of persons from other constituencies on it.

Dr. Kofi Annan also alleged that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) colluded with the Electoral Commission (EC) to force these names onto the register, making it difficult for the NDC to win the election.

He noted that the voters have been induced with money to vote for the NPP, adding that the National Democratic Congress will protest any attempt by persons not from the constituency to vote.

James Kofi Annan who was addressing the media in Winneba, also accused the NPP of monetizing the locals to to vote for them, citing the recently held District Assembly elections as a case in point.

“It is common knowledge that the Effutu constituency voters register is a fraudulent one which is contaminated by about some 20,000 voters who were recruited by the NPP from other places and this has made it difficult for the NDC to win the seat. The busing of voters from other constituencies by the NPP is heavily monetized and sophisticated and aided by the Electoral Commission.

“Since 2021, the NDC has uncovered thousands of such imported voters but we have not been able to convert them to votes for the NDC because of the heavy money involved and the intensity of financial inducement.”




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