Watch white woman in Germany speak fluent Twi, ‘mep3 fufuo ne abenkwan paa’ she says

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A video of a German woman impressively speaking Twi has surfaced on social media, showcasing her remarkable linguistic skills.

The woman, whose identity remains unknown, was captured in the video confidently conversing in fluent Twi, a language widely spoken in Ghana, with a Ghanaian lady, Mame Sika.

In the video, the Ghanaian inquired about her journey to Ghana, and the German lady revealed that she has been to the Ashanti Region of Ghana, specifically Asuabua Kwadaso in Kumasi.

The German lady then revealed that she enjoys beans and plantains, known in the local parlance as “Gobe”, as well as fufu, and palm nut soup.

“Wow, I am proud. You speak good Twi,” Maame Sika remarked. She then encouraged Ghanaians to take pride in learning their indigenous languages.




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