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Reconciliation simply means reuniting, reunion, remedying, mending, harmonizing, settling, and bringing understanding amongst a group of people.
This step will play a pivotal role when it comes to bringing people of varied and divergent views together to work in unison to foster unity and peace.
Every contest comes with its challenges even if it’s internal which has to do with people who believe in the same political ideologies as the New Patriotic Party (NPP: Development in Freedom).
Fast forward, the leadership of the party in its wisdom has taken the appropriate and bold steps to reconcile and mend the cracks created during the keenly contested parliamentary primaries across the country.
To shed more light on the giant steps taken, the leadership of the Party has done tremendously well in carefully choosing party individuals with great backgrounds in knowledge, experience, and skills in resolving matters of serious concern to the rank and file of the Party.
However, I respectfully have my reservations about some people mentioned as members of the Northern Regional Reconciliation Committee with their actions and involvement in the Parliamentary primaries held some days again.
Fast forward, Chairman Bantima Adam Samba is one member whom I think should have recused himself from the committee due to the lack of trust some people in other Constituencies have in him which is glaring for everyone.
In addition, Hon. Nitiwul Bingab Dominic is another respected figure I believe strongly that he shouldn’t have been part of the committee for what transpired in the Bimbilla Constituency which some sections of the constituents are pointing fingers with all the hullabaloo concerning the disqualification of Alhaji Zaruk.
With all due respect, the Secretary to the committee Prof. Hudu Zakaria will further aggravate and make matters worse for his involvement in the Bimbilla Constituency brouhaha which some people are still not happy about his conduct as Reginal Secretary of NPP.
Indeed, I have full confidence in the Honourable Member of Parliament for Karaga Constituency, Hon. Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam who has gathered more experience in our contemporary politics together with Hon. Habib Iddrisu who also has demonstrated commitment and the zeal to make NPP attractive in Northern Region.
Notably, the rest of the members i.e. the Northern Regional minister who represents a father figure together with Hajia Mariam and Mr. Abukari Alhassan complete the entire membership of the committee.
Finally, I implore the leadership of the Party to relook and make some substitutions to create a level playing field, especially with the above-mentioned three (3) names I talked about to ensure a fruitful reconciliation with acceptable outcome for peace and unity going forward as a center-right conservative political party, NPP.
Abdulai Abdul Razak 
Tamale South Constituency

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