It feels good to call Shatta my ‘ex’ – Michy brags

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Ghanaian musician and socialite, formerly known as Shatta Michy and now Michy Gh, expressed her contentment with referring to Shatta Wale as her ‘ex’ during an appearance on the “Day Show” with Berla Mundi.

Michy Gh, real name Diamond Michelle Gbagonah made these remarks on the “Day Show” with Berla Mundi, where she revealed how she coped with the challenges of ending her relationship with Shatta Wale.

According to her, the much-publicized breakup was tough on her, but she learned a lot from the experience.

“Everybody knows I went through, like, a major breakup, public breakup. And that was tough on me from the start. It was. I don’t make it look like that. I gained weight during the working hard season.

“Let’s just say God kept me quite well. It was a learning period, so I took it in good faith,” she said.

She also said that she likes to isolate herself when she has issues, describing herself as a reserved and shy person in real life.

“I like to isolate myself when I have issues and come out when I’m okay. I had my son, so I can say I still had support. If not for him, I probably would have felt a little lonely. I’m quite a reserved person. I’m very reserved and shy in real life,” she said.

Speaking on her venture into music, Michy stated that her talent was discovered by Shatta Wale, and disclosed how being close to his larger-than-life personality affected her.

“It feels good calling him my ex. I used to date the biggest artiste in Ghana so…You know, sometimes I had to live up to it. I think I lived up to his confidence and courageous Persona.

“But it’s time to be myself, and these were part of the changes I went through apart from the breakup. It was time to evolve into myself,” she stated.

Michy, formerly Shatta Michy, and Dancehall artist Shatta Wale dated for about 8 years before their breakup in 2022. They have a son together.

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