Ghanaians yearn for unified approach to national development: Kyerematen

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Mr Alan Kyerematen, the leader of the Movement for Change, has admitted there is a growing desire among Ghanaians for a unified approach to national development.

Mr Kyerematen made this assertion speaking at the National Economic Summit on the theme: ‘Building a Non-Partisan Consensus for a National Economic Development Plan’ in Accra.

The summit, led by a team assembled by the former Minister of Trade and Industry focused on mobilising talents across the nation, transcending political, religious, and ethnic affiliations.

He said the summit had been convened with the primary objective of formulating a comprehensive National Development Plan.

He maintained that the summit was driven by three key considerations:

”Firstly, the need to harness all available talents in Ghana for the nation’s development, irrespective of individual affiliations.

“Secondly, the widespread desire to shift away from party manifestos towards the formulation of a National Development Plan that garners support from all Ghanaians.

“Thirdly, the shared concern among citizens about the current economic challenges prompted a collective effort to contribute ideas and find solutions.”

The summit, he said, was a non-partisan gathering, that has resulted in the development of the Great Transformational Plan (GTP), anchored on 15 pillars categorised into five clusters: Economic, Infrastructure, Social Services, Governance, and Behavioural and Attitudinal Change Clusters.

Addressing participants, Mr Kyerematen emphasised the solution-oriented nature of the summit, aiming to provide specific policy recommendations rather than dwelling on the causes of existing problems.

The Economic cluster of the GTP serves as the focal point for the summit, concentrating on practical solutions to the country’s economic challenges, he noted.

Mr Kyerematen expressed optimism that the summit would foster constructive conversations and enrich dialogue, ultimately addressing critical questions posed by many Ghanaians.

He called for the resetting of the country on a new path to prosperity, generating wealth inclusively, and addressing accountability for past misappropriations and misdeeds.

While acknowledging his political ambitions, Mr Kyerematen underscored a broader commitment to the noble cause of bringing economic prosperity to the nation.

He said the summit marks a significant step toward fostering collaboration and developing a shared vision for Ghana’s future economic trajectory.

He added that part of the measures participants are expected to deliberate on is specific policy recommendations with an emphasis on resetting the country’s economic course towards inclusive prosperity.

Source: Mensah

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