Ghanaians desire a Ghana devoid of partisan manifestoes – Alan

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Mr Alan Kyeremateng, the leader of the Movement for Change, has highlighted the collective desire among Ghanaians for a national development agenda that transcends partisan manifestoes.

Speaking at the National Economic Summit in Accra, themed ‘Building a Non-Partisan Consensus for a National Development Plan’, the former Minister of Trade and Industry expressed concern that partisan manifestoes have been a hindrance to the country’s development over the years.

Mr Kyeremateng emphasised that Ghana is abundantly endowed with human resources, but the influence of partisan manifestoes has impeded the tapping of these resources for national development.

To address this issue, he revealed that he has assembled a team of experts to deliberate on a non-partisan national development plan aimed at fostering economic growth.

This initiative, he explained, aligns with the Great Transformation Plan (GTP), a comprehensive strategy devised to guide the country’s progress under his leadership.

Mr Kyeremateng underscored that the National Economic Summit serves as a platform for reflecting on this new path toward prosperity for Ghanaians.

He emphasised the need for a collaborative, non-partisan approach to shaping Ghana’s developmental trajectory.

Source: Mensah

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