Understand your time is up and stop forcing yourselves on us – Jantuah to NPP

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Former General Secretary for the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), Nana Yaa Jantuah, has admonished the governing New Patriotic Party to understand that their time is up.

She believes that the political party is forcing itself on the people of Ghana in their quest to make history by breaking the eight.

 To her, the governing political party’s insistence on breaking the eight and their optimism are an indication that they do not respect the people of Ghana after plunging them into economic hardship in the last seven years.

Nana Yaa Jantauah was speaking on Accra-based TV3 when she made this position known.

“The NPP should understand that their time is up. This forcing to break the eight, what are they forcing to break the eight for? You can campaign but this is by force you want to be there. You don’t have the right to say…

When you say things are not bad, then you don’t even respect Ghanaians, then it means you don’t even know what is going on; it means you have lost touch with reality. Nothing is going on, right? We are in some form of a chaotic situation, we are in a situation where the center cannot hold. How can the Finance Minister himself write a memo for the release of funds for GFA? This shows that there is total confusion. The person who is going to IMF, he is the one leading us to IMF, he sees the numbers and how bad it is and he writes a memo that this amount should be released.”

She continued, “This government should not force it that they are going to win the elections. Now they are using the EC to talk about changing dates to November. Meanwhile, you’re the same people who in 2016 said you didn’t want it to happen and you voted against it”.




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