Parents in need of $400,000 to treat 4-year-old son affected by leukemia

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The parents of 4-year-old Jason-Mitchell Ashele Nana Agyiriha Armah are urgently seeking financial support to raise $400,000 for his leukemia treatment.

The mother, Elizabeth Arthur-Amissah, tearfully shared that they need to deposit 200,000 Singaporean dollars (about $150,000) by February 5, 2024, to secure a date for a crucial bone marrow transplant.

 “There are options to help him but we just do not have the funding. I have not lost hope and faith, but I do not have the funding. I do not have any help. Please help my boy,” she said. 

Jason-Mitchell has been selected for a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cell therapy at the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Singapore.

While the hospital is providing the CAR-T cell therapy for free, ancillary costs, including ICU care, supportive care, bone marrow transplant, blood products, and hospital admissions, amount to $400,000.

Despite undergoing a matched sibling bone marrow transplant in Delhi, India, due to the rare and aggressive nature of his leukemia, he urgently needs CAR T therapy followed by a half-matched bone marrow transplant for sustained treatment.

She appealed to the public to help the four-year-old with any amount that touches their heart by donating to the following platforms with the name Elizabeth Arthur –Amissah- MTN mobile Money (0598556131), Momo Pay (268702), Voda Cash (0201757707) Absa Bank, Madina Branch (0633011052), First Atlantic Bank, Takoradi Mkt Circle (1282412701018), and  Dollar Account (1282411212027).

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