Video of the over a million dollar Kumasi mansion with more than 10 cars of Dr Grace Boadu pops up

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Amidst the outpouring of condolences and tributes for the late Dr. Grace Boadu, a video capturing the grandeur of her Kumasi mansion has surfaced online to shed light on the opulent lifestyle she enjoyed.

The footage which is now circulating on social media shows her sprawling storey building that stood tall in her neighborhood.

In the video, Dr. Grace Boadu’s mansion is surrounded by a vast and impeccably tiled compound, that exudes an air of affluence.

As seen, there are over 10 cars strategically parked in the compound to symbolize the late herbalist’s success and prosperity.

The fleet of vehicles includes luxurious models such as a Range Rover, Land Cruiser, and other smaller saloon cars, emphasizing the magnitude of her achievements.

As Ghanaians continue to mourn the passing of a respected figure in alternative healthcare, the video of Dr. Grace Boadu’s mansion provides a visual testament to the success she attained in her lifetime.

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