Tension brews at NLA as workers resist retirement contract

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Tensions are reportedly escalating at the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) as workers express strong opposition to what they perceive as an attempt to extend the tenure of the Acting Director of Finance. The acting director has been in the role for almost eight years and is set to retire in February.

According to inside sources at the NLA, employees are determined to resist any move to retain the acting director, emphasizing their commitment to utilizing all available means to counter what they view as an imposition of a retiree.

The workers argue that there are equally competent and experienced professionals who could assume the role.

The alleged orchestration of this move is said to involve some members of the board chaired by Togbui Francis Albert Seth Nyonyo Agboada, Ghanaian industrialist and philanthropist, founder of Fraga Oil Company, adding another layer of complexity to the situation.

The workers’ stance against the extension, comes on the heels of the retirement of several officials in the past two years, including a Director for Research in December 2023, without any re-engagement.

Mr Mortey, the Acting Director of Finance, is expected to retire in February after serving for over 30 years and having risen through the ranks.

Despite his significant contributions, there is irony in the fact that the board has not appointed him substantively in any position but now contemplates offering him an extension.

The current situation is seen as a departure from the previous five years when no director received an extension, prompting concerns about fairness and equal opportunities for career advancement.

Some employees argue that the NLA, under Sammy Awuku’s leadership, has enjoyed industrial harmony, and preserving this harmony is crucial for productivity, growth, and development.

There is also a plea for the board and management to prioritize youth employment over contract extensions. Some employees argue that it is essential to create opportunities for younger generations, fostering a healthy job market and encouraging skill development within the NLA. The call is for a transfer of knowledge and skill development, allowing younger employees to contribute and advance in their careers.

The workers’ position to fight the action, follows the retirement of several officials for the past two years, including a Director for research in December 2023 without any re-engagement and they wonder what are the grounds for the pending action by the Board of Directors and management this time.

Mr Mortey is due for retirement in February after over 30 years in active service rising through the ranks to become acting Director-General for six months with the exit of Osei Ameyaw and acting Director of Finance at the same time.

The irony of the saga is the board’s inability to make him substantive in any of the positions but wants to offer him an extension, but others say Mr Mortey is the one seeking for extension, having been kept in an acting capacity all these years.

But insiders feel that for the past 5 years, no extension has been given to any director and must not be allowed in the case of Mr Mortey when there’s no special reason for the extension, therefore, he should be made to hand over the baton to another person just as it was passed over to him.

“Please let’s create room for others to be able to move up the ladder and not to pile up people because some have refused to go on pension”, an insider had said of the matter.

“Please please again NLA BOARD let us give opportunities for the younger generations to also exhibit their talent, by doing so older employees create job openings and career advancement opportunities for the younger ones. Let us help create a healthy job market, reduce unemployment, and encourage skill development and growth in NLA. Board and Management we need transfer of knowledge and skill development and not contract extensions.

The board and management please we need youth employment, not contract extension. Take note”, said another insider.


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