People need entertainment to cope with stress – KOD replies Eastwood Anaba

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Popular Ghanaian media and fashion mogul, Kofi Okyere Darko, also known as KOD, has voiced his disagreement with comments made by Rev Eastwood Anaba on the role of music in church.

According to him, entertainment is not out of place in church, as it helps people cope with the stress of life.

The controversy started after Rev Anaba, the founder and president of Fountain Gate Ministries, had expressed his concern about the excessive focus on entertainment in churches.

The reverend said that; instead of preaching the word of God and ministering healing and salvation, many churches focused on praises and worship.

He said that many churches would die if they removed the musical instruments and the entertainment from their services.

His video, which went viral on social media, sparked a lot of debate and reactions from different quarters.

KOD, commenting on a post shared by Daily Graphic on Facebook, disagreed with the reverend’s stance.

He argued that people need the entertainment to stay alive.

“People are stressed. They need entertainment. Imagine the stress of being alive in this day without entertainment?” he wrote.

However, his comment did not receive much support from other users, who argued that entertainment should not overshadow the primary purpose of the church, which is worship.

They said that the church is not the place to seek entertainment to cushion one’s survival but to seek God and His presence.

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