How Could She Treat Infertility When She Never Married Or Had Kids? – Peeps React To Dr Grace’s Death

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Social media is still buzzing as many people can’t believe that Dr Grace Boadu has died. A lot of people are still coming to terms with the fact that she is no longer among the living.

Her uncle has given her family information on previously unknown areas of Dr. Grace Boadu’s life, which has helped them cope with the tragic death of their loved one.

Dr. Grace Boadu, a herbalist who rose to notoriety for her contributions to alternative healthcare, had not yet experienced the joys of marriage or children, according to her uncle, who made this revelation in an interview with Poleeno Multimedia.

The relative stated that before her unfortunate death, Dr. Grace Boadu was engaged to be married and had plans to begin a family.

The information emphasizes the goals and aspirations, which heightens the poignancy of her dying.

The uncle expressed the profound sadness felt by the family and stressed how sad it is that Dr. Grace Boadu left no children behind.

Reacting to this sad news, some people are wondering how she managed to treat many men and women with fertility issues while she was childless and single.

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