Her Body Was Peeling Off When We Tried To Carry Her Out Of The Bathroom – Doctor Who Found Dr. Grace’s Body Gives Full Account

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The medical doctor who found the body of the late Dr Grace Boadu has given a full account of what happened.

Speaking in a recent interview, he explained that after calling her several times and not hearing from her, he decided to visit her.

But upon reaching her apartment, he realized her gate was locked. He then got a ladder and climbed to her bedroom. But he didn’t see her on the bed. With the help of the person he went with, the doctor broke down the front door and went into the room only to see her on the floor.

He narrated how her skin started peeling off when they tried to carry her from the bathroom.

The sudden death of Dr. Grace Boadu has left many of her customers and family in a very sad state.

It was revealed by Dr Grace’s Uncle that she never married nor had children.

Listen to the interview below;

Source: Ghanacelebrities.com

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