Former Second Lady Matilda Amissah-Arthur falls victim to armed robbery

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In early December 2023, a troubling incident unfolded at the residence of Matilda Amissah-Arthur, the former Second Lady of Ghana, when an armed robber managed to breach the security measures in place.

The assailant, masked and armed, entered the Tesano house in Accra during the night, despite the presence of a significant police force.

According to family sources, the lone robber confronted Mr.s Amissah-Arthur, grabbing the neck of the widow of the late ex-Vice President Kwasi Amissh-Arthur, and demanding money andjewelryy.

Succumbing to the threat, the former Second Lady, handed over an estimated US$3000 to the assailant, who subsequently fled the scene. The release of the money by the former Second Lady was for her to gain her freedom.

The perpetrator, who was eventually apprehended, is currently in police custody. However, the Ghana Police Servic has opted to remain silent on the matter, raising questions about the nature of the security breach.

Sources from the Police Headquarters, indicate that the arrested individual has been presented before the top hierarchy of the police service.

Strikingly, the identity of the victim, Matilda Amissah-Arthur, was concealed during official communications, referring to her only as “Mrs. Atta.”

The system prefers keeping the case low-profile, despite the arrest. This decision has sparked speculation, especially considering the extensive security network surrounding the residence. Curiosity arises as to how the armed robber believed to have an accomplice, successfully infiltrated the former Second Lady’s house.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Matilda Amissah-Arthu, had temporarily vacated her residence for medical reasons.

Security sources suggest that the escalating insecurity in the country is impacting even the elite, whose homes boast sophisticated security measures, including police officers, dogs, private security personnel, and CCTV cameras.

As to why the Ghana Police Service, has kept quiet on this matter baffles many minds aware of the incident.

Family source, have called on the Ghana Police Service, the National Security Agency, and the Ministry of Interior to as a matter of urgency and concern, provide an update on the unfortunate incident.

Further check tells us that, the same modus operandi, has been used in some other high-profile officials’ residences in the city of Accra, but the police are quiet on it.

At the time of the robbery attack, there were police officers on duty.

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