2024 Elections: My governmet will introduce free-ports policy – GUM Leader

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Rev. Andrews Kwabena Christian, the flagbearer of the Ghana Union Movement (GUM), has announced that his party will implement a port-free policy if given the mandate to govern in the upcoming 2024 general elections.

This declaration was made during a press conference held in Kumasi on January 29th, 2024.

The GUM leader, also known as Sofo Kyiriabosom emphasized the exorbitant taxes imposed on imports, commonly known as import duties, in Ghana.

He firmly believes that these taxes are unreasonable and require immediate attention.

If GUM secures power in 2024, his administration will eliminate all import duties, thereby allowing importers to bring in a greater quantity of goods, ultimately boosting the country’s economy.

This proposed measure aims to reduce the prices of goods and services, thereby alleviating the severe hardships faced by Ghanaians. Rev. Christian firmly believes that this policy will have a positive impact on the economy, fostering growth and prosperity for all.

“Our main aim (GUM) is to introduce free ports. I fail to understand why the government insists on imposing exorbitant taxes on imports. Such practices will cease to exist under my administration. We are committed to abolishing all taxes on imports,” he confidently declared.

Source: Oyerepafmonline.com / Joseph Marfo

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