What Would The Economy Look Like If Donald Trump Gets A Second Term?

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During his time in office, former president Donald Trump talked a great deal about all of the positive changes he was making to improve the economy.

When he gave his final State of the Union address in February 2020, employers had added more than six million jobs, unemployment was at three-and-a-half percent and the stock market was soaring.

But by March all of that ended as coronavirus spread rapidly across the globe.

Donald Trump is poised to capture the Republican presidential nomination. As president, some of his economic policies came out of the traditional Republican playbook. But other policies were more populist, more nativist and more unpredictable.

NPR’s Scott Detrow speaks with Chief Economics Correspondent Scott Horsley about what might change, and what might stay the same, under a second Trump administration.

This episode was produced by Brianna Scott. It was edited by Jeanette Woods and Rafael Nam. Our executive producer is Sami Yenigun.

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