You are putting your lungs at risk – Nurse condemns widespread use of ‘shisha’

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Ghanaian socialite and nurse based in Canada, Manassa, has observed a prevalent presence of shisha (also known as hookah or water pipe) in Ghana.

Manassa, who is in Ghana for vacation, is concerned about the increasing number of people smoking shisha in the country. According to her, everywhere she turns her eyes, she finds people smoking hookah.

 The registered who took to the X platform urged all and sundry to investigate and understand the potential health risks associated with shisha smoking. She noted that one poses his or her lungs at risk due to the excessive smoke inhaled.

Already, the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has cautioned all smokers, especially the youth who are fond of using innovative forms of tobacco like shisha to quit or stop smoking in public places so they do not endanger the lives of second-hand smokers.

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