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The sorry state of Tamale South Constituency under the watch of Hon. Haruna Iddrisu as a member of Parliament continues without any effective leadership.
It’s so alarming and at the same time mind-blowing with regards to the struggles the good people of Tamale South Constituency are being subjected to with no hope.
Since the Constituency is being controlled by the National Democratic Congress, NDC under the supervision of Hon. Haruna Iddrisu, people from afar have the mindset of the Constituency being facelifted with a plethora of developmental projects.
Surprisedly, the Constituency under the watch of the current MP has been underdeveloped and bedeviled with so many basic challenges which could have been enhanced with the tag of the MP as “Gangdu” with immeasurable powers.
In my first write-up on “Hon. Haruna Iddrisu has taken the good people of Tamale South Constituency for granted.” I highlighted areas he has performed abysmally as the people’s representative in parliament.
Why does Hon. Haruna Iddrisu deserve a marching order? The focus of this thought-provoking assertion will dwell on specifics i.e. Kakpagyili Electoral Area and the lack of desire for the member of parliament to come to the aid of the people.
Indeed, the Kakpagyili Electoral Area where the member of parliament has been enjoying his monopoly with regards to the chunk of votes gotten by him has been neglected and abandoned with no development in the area of roads and good drinking water.
Specifically, the area as part of the Constituency can’t boast of any tarred inner roads and the available roads developed manholes and dust all over which affects the health of the people within and outside.
One surprising aspect of it all is that the MP uses these bad inner roads with huge potholes and dust without showing great concern to lobby adequately to resolve these teething problems in the area of good inner roads.
It’s not only dusty and bad inner roads in the Kakpagyili Electoral Area, the good people in the area are without good drinking water for use at homes and other purposes as water is life.
In addition, the taps in the area are not flowing for the good people to use and their plights worsen during the dry season when some of the dams are dried up and can’t be used by the people close to these areas.
With the above-mentioned challenges, the member of parliament has turned a blind eye to all these basic needs of the people for the past nineteen 19 years and served under different ministries during the tenure of the National Democratic Congress, NDC.
In summary, the current member of parliament and ousted minority leader deserves a matching order for the poor and unacceptable leadership style he continues to champion as “Gangdu” without any favorable response to the problems of the people.
Abdulai Abdul Razak 
✍️ abdulrazakabdulai940@gmail.com
 Tamale South Constituency.

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