Video: ‘Fake’ Slemfit mineral water exposed

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Recently, SLEMFIT (mineral water and purified water), produced by Twellium Industrial Company Limited, became a topical issue after the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) issued a public caution regarding the presence of an unregistered bottled water named SLIMFIT mineral water in the market.

The two products appeared identical, except for the name. After the FDA’s announcement, a video of two unidentical SLEMFIT mineral water bottles surfaced on social media.

 The textures of the two products bearing the same name are different, as one is more transparent than the other. According to the orator, the more transparent product is authentic, while the more translucent product is fake.

She goes ahead to spot the difference in branding and labeling as well as coloring. Also, she makes mention of “purified mineral water” printed on both products.

Check out the video:

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