Mona Gucci Is A Snake and A Liar – Gh Mouthpiece Explains How their Friendship Ended

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Ghanaian media personality, Gh Mouthpiece has revealed how her friendship with fellow presenter Mona Gucci fell by the wayside.

According to her, Mona Gucci is simply a snake and a liar and hence, not someone any decent person can be friends with.

Speaking to Deloris Frimpong Manso on the Delay Show, Gh Mouthpiece said she fell out with Delay due to actress Joyce Boakye.

She said there was a time when Mona Gucci called her with incriminating information about Joyce Boakye that she wanted her to spread.

GhMouthpiece said she was incensed over that and they had a falling out,

She also revealed that Gucci lies as easily as breathing hence she realised such a person is not trustworthy.

When Delay asked her how she knows Mona is a liar, she listed examples including the Abigail Williams and Co. issue as well as other personal encounters.

Watch the video below…

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