Junior Speller 2024: Registration now open for school learners

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Junior Speller, the biggest spelling competition in Ghana, has officially opened registration for the much-anticipated 2024 edition, providing an exciting opportunity for Basics 1-4 and Basics 5-9 school learners to showcase their spelling prowess on a national stage.

Here’s how your child can participate:

The competition is open to all basic school learners, including Basics 1-4 and Basics 5-9. This inclusive approach ensures that students across various levels have the chance to participate and demonstrate their spelling skills.

For Schools: Schools interested in registering their students can contact Junior Speller via email at thejuniorspeller@gmail.com or through phone calls at 024 604 0422 or 054 811 9184.

For Individuals: Individual participants can also register through the same platform, providing a direct avenue for students to engage in the competition.

Give your child the opportunity to shine on a national platform by participating in Junior Speller 2024. The competition offers a unique chance for students to excel and gain recognition for their spelling abilities.

Junior Speller contributes to the development of a strong vocabulary as participants learn and memorize a wide range of words.

Junior Speller gives regular exposure to diverse words and the challenge of spelling them correctly enhances participants’ spelling abilities.

Successfully participating in Junior speller builds confidence, public speaking skills, and the ability to perform under pressure.

Junior Speller Competitions inspire students to strive for excellence, setting goals and working hard to achieve them.

Participation in Junior Speller competition fosters the development of various skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and time management.

Junior Speller Competition provides a platform for students to showcase their talents, leading to recognition and potential rewards that boost self-esteem.

The Junior Speller competition will be aired on Joy Prime TV, starting from the District/Quarter final stage up to the national final. Schools are encouraged to come on board and take advantage of the national stage, providing students with exposure and the chance to showcase their abilities to a wider audience.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to support your child’s educational journey and see them shine on the national stage! Register for Junior Speller 2024 today.

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