I have never charged for a feature – Simi

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Simi, real name Simisola Kosoko, gave an honest interview with media personality Taymesan on the Tea With Tay podcast.

In the interview, Simi offered her own viewpoint on working with other musicians.

 The “Duduke” sensation disclosed that she has never demanded payment for a feature and emphasised her selective criteria, expressing that she only engages in collaborations if she genuinely appreciates the song.

Simi asserted, “Till this moment, I have never charged for a feature. For me to do a feature I have to really like it. I have to like the song. If I like the song, give me half a day, I am done. If I don’t like the song, I will most likely say no. It’s not personal. I can take a ‘No. Things are not personal, it’s just what it is.”

This revelation provides insight into Simi’s artistic values and the importance she places on musical authenticity.

In an era where collaborations often involve financial transactions, Simi’s stance stands out as a testament to her commitment to music that resonates with her.

In a separate incident, Simi took to social media to criticize a minister for controversial teachings targeting single women.

The minister suggested that rocking natural hair might hinder one’s chances of finding a husband, advocating for the use of wigs instead.

Simi voiced her disagreement, condemning the promotion of self-hatred among women and sparking a conversation on societal expectations.


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