I didn’t type the apology letter to Akufo-Addo – GH Mouthpiece

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Ghanaian media personality, Adwoa Asuama, popularly known as GH Mouthpiece, has shared details of how she was asked to render an apology to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for criticizing the government in a video she recorded, a development which caused her to resign from her job.

It can be recalled that in 2022, the popular radio presenter cum blogger, in an interview with Neat FM’s Ola Michael, narrated how an ‘order from above’, put her boss under pressure to take her off the air for throwing her weight behind the #Fixthecountry protest.

GH Mouthpiece, who worked with Kingdom FM at that time, said a private conversation between the president and her boss at 1 am over her critique caused her to be abruptly taken from air although the video in question was recorded in her house and not at the office.

However, revisiting the experience in a recent interview with Delay, the outspoken blogger said the highlight of all that happened was when she was made to sign two already typed and printed copies of an apology letter.

She said: “He pulled out a video of me addressing some concerns about the ‘fix the country’ campaign. In the video, I poked Nana Addo for promising us a better life whereas we are currently experiencing worse situations. Before he came to power, he said Ghana was sitting on a gold mine but the citizens were hungry. Now you are in power and we are still living in the same Ghana, we haven’t relocated into the bush but things have worsened. That’s what I said in the video, but I recorded it in my house.

“I admitted to recording this video when my managers confronted me. My boss asked why I disrespectfully spoke about the president in that manner… He showed me a chat between him and the president at 1 am. In the conversation, the president was complaining about the video I did. After the confrontation, I asked if I could go back on air and my boss said no.

“Quickly, I walked to my office, picked up my bag and laptop, and the show was left ajar. Days later, I was called from home to write an apology letter to the president. An already printed apology letter was handed to me to read and sign. So, I resigned. My soul, mind, and spirit had left the job,” she stated in an interview with Delay.

GH Mouthpiece, who had already worked with several media firms before this one, described what ensued at Kingdom FM as the height of suppression of press freedom and human rights.

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