Falmouth drone trial explores maritime use

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A UK-based research and innovation future flight challenge program has called a drone trial in Cornwall a success.

Open Skies Cornwall deployed drones across Falmouth Harbour to test its airspace for future maritime-focused drone activities.

This includes the delivery of emergency medical, food, and maintenance supplies.

The program aims to be able to deliver to large civilian vessels at strategic moorings in the harbor.

Miles Carden, Falmouth Harbour CEO, said: “The efficiency, safety, and environmental benefits of using drones for commercial maritime activity are very exciting and could potentially drive significant additional economic value to Falmouth.”

Gareth Whatmore, CEO of Droneprep and project lead, said: “We’re pleased to have completed a successful round of ship-to-shore integration trials and have been delighted by the community’s positive engagement.

“Our consortia members have a wealth of experience delivering ship-to-shore drone flights around the world, but these trials are essential for designing and testing infrastructure and procedures specific to this harbor environment.”

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