Coup Plot: How state aborted plan to Prosecute Agordzor with 2 NDC Officials

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It is emerging that some two officials of the National Democratic Congress NDC were originally added to the Coup Plots as suspects along with Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Dr. Benjamin Agordzor.

Agents from the National Investigation Bureau (NIB), The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and Defense Intelligence identified former Deputy Chief of Staff under the John Mahama administration Dr. Valerie Sawyer and NDC MP for Buem Kofi Adams as possible collaborators.

Investigators at NIB detained some of the accused persons and showed them pictures of Kofi Adams, Dr. Valerie Sawyer and ACP Dr. Benjamin Agordzor to identify.

Sources told Kofi Adams, Dr. Valerie Sawyer and ACP Dr Agordzor became subjects of investigation after examination of the Mobile Phone of the key coup architect, late Dr. Mac Palm.

However, there was not enough evidence to bring any charges the two NDC Officials. In the case of ACP Dr. Benjamin Agordzor, state Prosecutors were convinced they could nail him in court.

The second accused in the case who was found guilty, Bright Alan Debrah testified in court that when he was sent to the NIB one Godwin Ettoh and an another NIB official asked him to identify 2 young men in the Daily Guide newspaper which he was unable to identify.

According to Bright Alan Debrah, he was shown another 4 photographs and asked to identify the people in the photographs.

“That he identified them as Valery Sawyer, Hon. Kofi Adams, ACP Agordzo (A10) and Godwin Ettoh. He told the court he was subsequently given a paper to sign his consent to be used as a witness before his release. That they refused to allow him to read the contents despite repeated queries.”

Commenting on Kofi Adams and Dr. Sawyer, the court said it “is well aware that none of those people is on trial before it, except for A10. There is also no evidence that any of these people is on trial before any other court on treason charges.”.

Background to Agordzor acquittal 

ACP Benjamin Agordzo, the late Dr. Mac Palm, and eight others were arraigned in 2021 on counts of conspiracy to commit high treason and high treason.

The High Court, however, acquitted ACP Benjamin Agordzo on January 24, 2024, while six others were convicted for counts of conspiracy to commit high treason and committing high treason.

Dr. Frederick Yao Mac-Palm, the Chief Executive Officer of Citadel Hospital (now deceased), and ACP Dr. Agordzo, together with eight others, were charged variously on April 24, 2021, for conspiracy to high treason, abetment to high treason, and high treason.

Dr. Mac Palm (A1 – now deceased), Donya Kafui alias Ezor (A2), Bright Allan Debrah Ofosu alias Bright Alan Yeboah (A3), Yohannes Zikpi (A4), Warrant Officer Class Two Esther Saan Dekuwine (A6), Cpl Seidu Abubakar (A7), Lance Corporal Ali Solomon (A8), and Cpl Sylvester Akanpewon (A9) were charged with conspiracy to commit high and high treason.

Col. Samuel Kodzo Gameli (A5) and ACP Dr. Benjamin Agordzo (A10) were at the time also charged with abetment.


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